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If you already know what chiropractic is all about, you can choose to request a first consultation right away, without a prior complimentary consultation. Below you can request your consultation and we tell you more about our working method.


Your first consultation

With a first consultation, the investigation into the cause of your complaints starts immediately. We will draw up a personal treatment plan together, so that we work in the best way for you.

During this consultation:

  • You register at our practice
  • We start with an in-depth intake interview
  • Extensive kinetic chiropractic tests will take place
  • We will draw up a personal treatment plan

Request your first consultation below or read more about our working method, the intake interview, tests and treatment plan.


✓ Only chiropractors with a master’s degree
✓ Use of the latest technologies
✓ Kinetic Analysis
✓ Personal treatment plan
✓ Member of the Dutch Quality Register for Chiropractic (SNRC)

We are looking forward seeing you

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    First consultation

    Part 1

    The first consultation consists of two parts. First, you register at our practice. This is followed by an intake interview and an extensive kinetic chiropractic examination. This way we know what is going on and what we can do to help you.

    Intake interview: we discuss the background of your complaints and what you have already tried.

    Extensive examination including kinetic analysis, which consists of:

    • Digital structure measurements
    • Neurostructural analysis
    • Kinetic, orthopedic and neurological tests

    During the examination, we don’t just look at the location of your pain. We also look for underlying causes. In addition, we determine what a “normal” feeling is for you. To do this, we look at where the weak links are in your nerve-muscle-skeletal system, among other things.

    A few days after the first part of your initial consultation, part two will follow.

    First consultation

    Part two

    The examination findings have been analyzed and the treatment plan has been established. During part two of the first consultation we discuss the test results and your personal treatment plan. Subsequently to this consult, there is time reserved for your first treatment.

    • Test results: we discuss this from A to Z. This way you know exactly what is going on and how we can work on a solution.
    • Treatment plan: A strategy to work together towards a solution. We tell you what we can do for you and how you yourself can best support your recovery.

    Discussing the examination results and your treatment plan is included in the examination fee. Treatment is charged separately. Read more about our fees here.



    We first look at the cause of your (pain)discomfort. The goal of this treatment is to correct this cause, reducing or eliminating the problem. Kinetic correction focuses on the weak links in the nerve-muscle-skeletal system and restores the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system as much as possible.