Chiropractic for

Children and babies

In Synergy is specialised in kinetic chiropractic treatment for growing children. Are you looking for a chiropractic clinic that can help your baby or young child, then look no further. Treatment for children is always adapted to your child’s age. Manipulation is not involved.

When to choose kinetic chiropractic for babies and children?

Kinetic chiropractic can be a solution for your child in many instances. Do bear in mind to always pick a chiropractor who’s specialised in treating babies and children.

Kinetic chiropractic can be of help in the following situations:

  • After tongue or lip tie correction
  • Positional preference (babies)
  • KISS-syndrome (babies)
  • Clenched fists (babies)
  • Difficulties lying down (babies)
  • Difficulties staying on their back (babies)
  • Keeps their head up (babies)
  • Rolling in the first weeks (babies)
  • Frowning (babies)
  • Easily frightened or pounding their feet (babies)
  • Difficulties with bottle or breastfeeding
  • Difficulties changing nappies or clothing

Kinetic chiropractic can also be helpful after giving birth:

  • After long labor contractions
  • After a very quick delivery
  • After a breech presentation
  • After a forceps or vacuum delivery or other complications during birth


Difficulties with bottle or breastfeeding

Babies use more than just their mouths when they receive breastfeeding. It’s essential for other systems, such as organs and cranial nerves, to work well together too in order to successfully breastfeed.

Effective breastfeeding is:

  • Latching on
  • Sucking
  • Swallowing
  • Breathing

Should these systems not work properly together, it’s possible that your baby experiences difficulties. These difficulties can be:

  • Biting during breastfeeding
  • Preferring one breast over the other
  • Better technique on one side or difficulties swallowing on one side
  • Loss of vacuum, clicking during bottle or breastfeeding
  • Weak sucking
  • Stretching backwards during breastfeeding
  • Moaning
  • Compensating for tongue or lip tie

Kinetic chiropractic examination for children and babies

In Synergy always carefully and objectively examines the entire movement apparatus (muscles, joints, ribs, connective tissue and nerves), the cranial system (bones of the skull), and the tongue or lip tie, not just the spine. Furthermore, we often require objective digital photographs to examine mobility.

Extra tests while feeding might be necessary when your baby is experiencing difficulties with bottle or breastfeeding. After close examination of the problems, a treatment plan will be devised. Through this treatment plan it will become clear how kinetic chiropractic may help your little one, and what you can do to support this process. In Synergy uses specially adapted gentle treatment techniques for babies and small children, without manipulation.

Treating your child at IN SYNERGY?

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